About Hot Stuff Pizza

Hot Stuff Pizza, located at 76 Bristol St, Birmingham B5 7AH, provides you with an authentic Italian Pizza experience. Our chef is an experienced professional who is very skilled in the art of Pizza making.

We offer a full range of stuffed crust Pizzas for takeout, which are all made with the finest local ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a vegan pizza or a New York style Pepperoni pizza, you will find what you need at ‘Hot Stuff Pizza’.

Simply get your phone and do an online search for ‘The best Pizzeria in Birmingham’ to find our website at the top of the google search result list. With a few taps, place your order online and enjoy the tastiest pizza ever. All online orders will be rewarded with an exclusive 10% discount.

There are several pizzas that are among our most popular pies, including the thin crust Margarita topped with an abundance of Mozzarella cheese and the crowd pleasing Sicilian pizza prepared in a manner that originated in Sicily, Italy.

If you like BBQ chicken, we can guarantee you will love our Peri Peri Chicken Pizza. It’s handmade with one of those life changing recipes that is sure to become a new favourite of yours! Don’t miss out. You can pick it up after shopping at Co-op Food - Birmingham - Bristol Street.

Our menu also features a variety of gourmet Burgers and homemade Wraps, as well as a selection of delectable side dishes such as roasted sweet Potato Wedges, crispy baked chicken wings and more.

You can also taste our super moist Strawberry Cheesecake and Double Chocolate Cake to satisfy your dessert cravings. Go ahead and Dive in!

We are proud to announce our shop is partnered with Mealzo family, which offers a £3 voucher on orders over £15! Download the Mealzo App and order from your local Takeaway at a better price.

Feel free to call us at 0121 622 3000 and order over the phone.

For great offers and more information, follow us on social media.

Thank you for visiting our Website. Looking forward to serving you again!



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